District Staff


Our district is led by a collaborative team of diverse pastors and ministry leaders.

Our Staff

Kelvin Walker District Superintendent

Jen Ashby Director of Church Health

Becky Daniels Director of Administration

Darea Hastie Kids Ministry Strategist

Joel Koenigsberg Director of Leadership Development

John Lee Ministry Assistant

Brian McMillan Director of Church Planting

Bill Meyer Member Care Services, District Chaplain

Jessica Mitchell PEAK Program Manager

Bob Nash Church Planting Strategist

Valerie Nash Church Planting Strategist

Kerri Niebles Kids Ministry Strategist

Omar Niebles Director of Missions and Justice Engagement

Frankie Pavia Next Gen Youth Ministry Strategist

Jillian Rosado PEAK Administrator

Brian Snyder Chief Operations Officer / Associate to the District Superintendent

John Soper Leadership Development Coach

David Sumaya Financial Assistant

Kim Valenzuela Director of Revitalization & Multiplication Strategy

Wil Del Valle Next Gen Youth Ministry Strategist